Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy Cake!

Hello all! So I had to share a cake I just made for my nephew. He wanted his cake to be Super Mario Galaxy. I must admit I didn't know a ton about the game, but my husband was very happy to help me "research" for it. He came up with a great part in the game to use for the cake. This is where Mario defeats the "bad guy" Bowser. He is the one being squished under the globe. I had a few people at the party ask if the globe was styrofoam, but no no, it is all edible and I just made the globe sparkle with an edible shine spray. I also wanted to make it more personal so I made a Super Jeremy to go on top. My nephew gave me some figurines to put on the cake and when I asked him if he wanted anything special he said "yes, I want some figures I can eat." He was excited to eat the bad guy and be made into a character himself. Happy Birthday Jer I love you!!
Bowser getting smashed by Super Jer!

Side view.

Super Jer!

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  1. Talmage loved this cake and knew exactly who it was before I even read the title. He especially loved the dragon being smashed. You are so talented! I love to see your creations; someday I need lessons.