Monday, September 28, 2009

Cupcake Weekend!

These cupcakes were for a cupcake social following the Relief Society general broadcast for my stake. They turned out pretty cute, and tasty too! Sorry I posted so many pictures, I couldn't decide on just a couple because they were all so fun.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I think I would want to celebrate my 90th birthday with home made coconut peacan frosting too!!
This was a welcome home cake for a family from Denmark so we incorporated the flag all the way around the edges!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Specialty cupcakes for a wedding!

Trick or Treat? The trick with this cake is that when you cut it........
It looks like a familiar Halloween treat!!

These cupcakes were for a 4th of July party. Everyone loved how they sparkled!
These cupcakes would be great for any ocean or beach themed party!

Monday, September 21, 2009

This cake was for a girl who loves pink and brown together.
This cake shows a basket weave technique of cake decorating. Not only delicious, but beautiful.

This birthday cake was made for someone who really likes hambugers, they were thrilled to eat it in cake form.

These cupcakes were ordered for a party on the return of a missionary from the philippines. To make it special we did little missionary tags and philippines flags!
I made these diamond cupcakes for a bridal shower, what a way to celebrate!
These polka dot cupcakes really hit the spot!!
I just love the combination of pink and brown!!

BOO! Ok these are so adorable they can't be scary, but with a marshmallow frosting they are scary good!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for my two year olds birthday. He was thrilled not only by the character, but getting a cookie and a cupcake at the same time!

The Back to School Cupcake

These cupcakes were to celebrate the end of the school year for some very special teachers. Not your every day apple!!

Lemon Filled Cupcakes

A light white cake, filled with lemon curd and topped in a refreshing lemon butter cream.

These lemon cupcakes are my most requested cupcake. They are sooooo good and really cute too!

Almond Raspberry

A white cupcake filled with a delicious raspberry filling then topped with a rich almond butter cream frosting, fresh toasted almonds and raspberries.

Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Raspberry Lemonade Cucakes

Inspired by my favorite summer drink, these cupcakes are tart and sweet with a punch of color!

Wedding Cakes

This is a true University of Utah couple and I had to make them proud on their special day!

The groom at this wedding loves golf so we had to tease him that he needed to take a break to get married!

For this wedding I did the wedding cake, grooms cake, and coordinating cupcakes to match the colors of the day!

Here is a whimsical wedding cake in light pinks and greens!

Cupcake Flavors Menu

Cupcake Flavors and Pricing (1-dozen minimum)

$1.50 Cupcakes - Each delicious flavor comes with butter cream (chocolate or vanilla) or cream cheese frosting. A choice of colors and small edible toppers are also included.
Applesauce Spice
Carrot Cake

$1.75 Cupcakes - Each cupcake is complimented by a delicious and unique frosting flavor. A choice of a small edible topper is also included.

Cookies and Cream - Your choice of a rich chocolate or white cupcake frosted in rich butter cream swirled with chocolate cookies.
Mint Chocolate Chip - A moist chocolate cupcake frosted with a delicious green mint frosting dotted with milk chocolate morsels.
Chocolate Fudge Swirl - Your choice of a rich chocolate or white cupcake with butter cream fudge frosting swirled on top.
Caramel Cream - A light white cupcake topped with a delicious caramel butter cream frosting.
Snicker doodle - A cinnamon cupcake topped in your choice of butter cream or cream cheese frosting with a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar.
White Chocolate Pretzel - A white chocolate cupcake topped with a white chocolate butter cream swirled with a delightful pretzel crunch.
Rocky Road - A rich chocolate cupcake topped with a chocolate butter cream dotted with peanuts and marshmallows.
Nutella - A moist yellow cupcake covered in a delicious, rich nutella frosting.

$2.00 Cupcakes - These cupcakes have unique frostings and fillings that will enhance any event. *Please note that flavors marked with a star must be refrigerated.

S’more - A rich brownie cupcake with a soft truffle center and graham cracker crunch. This cupcake is topped in a sweet marshmallow frosting with a graham cracker sprinkle and small bar of chocolate.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - A moist vanilla cupcake with a surprise cookie dough center, this cupcake is topped in vanilla chocolate chip butter cream.
*Chocolate Raspberry - A rich chocolate cupcake with a raspberry center topped with your choice of chocolate butter cream or chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries (raspberries on top when in season).
Raspberry Lemonade - A lemon raspberry cupcake topped with a bright pink and yellow swirled raspberry lemonade butter cream frosting.
*Almond Raspberry - A white cupcake filled with a delicious raspberry filling then topped with a rich almond butter cream, fresh toasted almonds, and raspberries (raspberries on top when in season).
*Strawberry Shortcake - A rich yellow cake filled with a strawberry filling and topped in a creamy meringue frosting.
*Lemon Filled - A light white cake, filled with lemon curd and topped in a refreshing lemon butter cream.
*Boston Cream - A yellow cupcake filled with a delicious cool cream and topped in chocolate butter cream.
Caramel Cashew and Caramel Cream - A white cupcake filled with rich caramel and topped with a swirl of caramel butter cream. Cashews can also be added for a salty-sweet delight.

Delivery – $15 for deliveries in Davis County, $25 for deliveries in Salt Lake or Weber Counties, No charge for pick-up.