Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Popcorn!

Well, school has started and it has already started to get cool outside. This has my mind turning to fall. I found some caramel bits the other day and had to put them to good use! Fancy popcorn is soooooo expensive, but super easy to make and you can cater it to what you like. Here is a super easy way to put it together!!
These are all the ingredients you really need, but you can add any of your favorite treats. You can also use regular popcorn, but I like kettle corn. Pop two packages according to directions and spread out on two cookie sheets to cool.

Next you need to prep your chocolate and caramel. Melt you chocolate and set aside. Now let me tell you about these awesome caramel bits. The worst thing about using caramel has always been unwrapping those little clear wrappers off the caramel. Well now Kraft has omitted that all together with these little caramel bits. I bought these in the baking isle at target. Melt with one tablespoon water stirring every 30 seconds until smooth and set aside.

Now the fun part. It is like splatter painting but much tastier!! My kids thought this was soooo much fun. They decided to add mini M&M's to one but you could add nuts, candy corn, Reese's pieces, the possibilities are endless!!! Then just throw them in the freezer for a few minutes and break them up and you are ready to eat. It is salty, sweet, crunchy, and gooey, YUM!!!

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  1. I saw those caramel bits and the store and got so excited I about died. They are so cute! I bought them but had no idea what to do with them...NOW I KNOW! Thank you!