Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strawberry Oreo Trifle

So here is a twist on my amazing sister in laws oreo trifle. In my Sister in laws version she layered whole chocolate oreos, chocolate pudding, and cool whip over and over. Then you let it sit overnight so that the oreos get all soft and gushy. Hee Hee!! If you want more variation in color you can make varying shades by mixing your pudding and cool whip. So I adapted this recipe recently when I saw the golden oreos on sale. I used golden oreos, vanilla pudding, cool whip and stawberries. It would be tasty with chocolate oreos and strawberries too. You can add all sorts of fun and tasty things and layer them in a trifle bowl or just a glass bowl. Believe me, it will be delicious and it will be gone before anyone elses treats. If not let me know and I will come pick up your extras!!

Oreo Trifle
Whole oreos (pick a flavor, you will need 1 pkg for a small to medium bowl, two for larger)
Cool Whip
Pudding (pick a flavor to match your oreos, small pkg for small to medium bowl, large for larger)
Extras can include but are not limited to fruit, chocolate chips, M&M's, toffee bits, caramel, nuts...

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