Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stars Stripes and Cupcakes Forever!!

Ok, I told you the 4th was one of my very favorite holidays, so here is a festive cupcake to celebrate in style. It is simple but will stand out at any gathering!! Also stay posted this week because I have a few more simple but awesome tricks up my sleeve for the 4th and any other summer party!!

These cupcakes are red white and blue, but you don't know it until you bite into them!

Here is what you need. Make sure you use a good red food coloring ( I used Americolor) so you are not pink white and blue.

I made the mix as directed and then divided the batter in half and tinted on half red and left the other half white. I put them in these Wilton squirt bottles because it makes it easier to control the batter. Feel free to use spoons or an ice cream scoop.

I just squirted a layer of one color and then the other and the baking process did the swirling for me. You can also put your batter in and give it a swirl with a tooth pick or a knife.

Bake and frost and this is how they look before you bite...

This is how they look after, a burst of color to surprise the eater. Enjoy!!

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