Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yummy Mummy!

So it has been a crazy week! So you know that I have been baking to counteract the insanity! Here is a easy and fun cake for Halloween. It is a edible Mummy with a surprise for the kids inside topped in cream cheese frosting.

I made two different cakes to give this cake some height. One is vanilla and the other a yellow cake then I tinted them green and purple for Halloween. Here they are layered with cream cheese frosting.

Once you have a very base coat of frosting on your cake decide what side is the front and add a small patch of black and your eyes out of frosting. Once the eyes are in place you can add the "gauze" wrappings. I used this tip by Wilton. One side is smooth the other has ridges. I used the ridge side out to create the mummies wrappings.

Here is a slice of the inside with the fun purple and green stripes. My kids loved making and eating this one with me!! Happy Halloween!

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