Thursday, August 12, 2010

Candy Bar Cake

I'm back!! So my husband and I just recently celebrated our anniversary and I wanted something cute, but different to do for him and this is what I made. I saw some of these online and you could pay major bucks to have someone make them for you. I opted to make my own, saving me money and giving me a fun craft project. This idea is so simple, but is a perfect gift. All I did was buy a paper mache' hat box at the craft store and a case of candy bars from Costco. I hot glued on the large candy bars. The smaller ones had a thinner wrapper that melted with the hot glue, so I used double stick tape. I cover the top in Rolos, then wrapped them all in a pretty ribbon. I only did one layer, because it was a big hat box, but you could also make it look like a multi-tiered cake using different size boxes. The cool thing about this is that when you are done you can still put a present inside. So the wrapping AND the present are the gift. I also used ours as our center piece for our romantic dinner! So Fun!!! Just pick your favorite candy, grab your glue gun and go crazy! Enjoy!!


  1. THAT IS AWESOME!! That would even be a fun b-day present or gift for someone...great idea!

  2. So fun, I might just have to make one for Ty and my Anniversary!