Monday, May 10, 2010

This little Piggy wanted to PARTY!

Hey all! First off I must apologize for my lack of posting. I have spent the last week in the hospital with a sick baby basically exhausted and scared to death. Though I don't have a sure answer, at least he is home and doing well for now. Thankfully I can get back to some therapeutic baking. It is something I can do to share with others and that seems to relieve some stress. Anyway, enough of that. Here are some fun cakes I made recently. The story behind them is that the birthday boy is a Grandpa who loves to tell stories, but when he does he changes it to his own fun version. For his birthday his wife and grandkids bound a book of their favorite story he tells, The Three Little Pigs (they illustrated the pictures and everything). We found it only fitting to incorporate it into the cake. So we had a pig swimming in German chocolate frosting (something I would love to do), and cupcakes with little piggy heads popping out of the mud. To make it fun for the grandkids, each one had the kids name written on them. Something I could totally pig out on!!

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  1. So cute Rebecca! This is Jen's sister Michelle. She told me I should check out your blog. You are very talented! I am a great baker, but don't have the decorating talent. Sorry to hear about all your hospital experiences...hope things are getting better. If you need any help or advice about navigating the system up there, let me know!