Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bayou Brownies!!

Hey! We are almost to a weekend. I can feel it and I am hoping that means I can have another movie night with my fam. That is where the inspiration for these brownies came from. We watched Disney's "Princess and the Frog" and just loved it. Well, we needed a treat to go along so this is what we came up with. Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!!

So first make the batter for your very favorite brownie (a mix is fine too.) Now before you bake it break up Oreo cookies in big pieces and press them into the batter. Then bake as directed. The brownie and the Oreo's are supposed to be the bog and the dirt. Once your cookies have cooled cover them in fudge. I made mine from scratch, but you can buy some pre-made(just like ice cream hot fudge). Just make sure it is nice and thick (no need to heat it up). Pour this all over your brownies and smooth flat. This is the mud.

Next comes the mint frosting (the frog). Tint a vanilla frosting your favorite shade of green and add some peppermint extract. Spread this evenly over the mud layer. Now you are ready for the princess part. I topped mine with a jimmy sprinkle that is pearlized so it is shiny and sparkles. You could also use a sanding sugar to get some sparkle. To finish them off all you need is the kiss! So I finished my brownies with Hershey's mini baking kisses. I had WAAAAY to much fun making these!

So, I bought these shoes a few weeks ago and didn't care that I had no where to wear them. They are gold and sparkle and I had to have them. Well I wore them while I made these and definitely felt like a princess!! Have Fun!!!

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